MyBookLive ファームアップ (02.42.02 – 012)

Firmの自動アップデートを設定しているのに、一向に自動アップデートされないので、しかたなく手動アップデート。いまのところ、とくに大きく変わったところはないようだ。Windows8の「File History backups」に対応したとか(前回のUpdateもそれ書いてあったけど・・・)。

Firmware Version 02.42.02 – 012 (4/17/2013)
This firmware update will allow the WD Media Server to be applied to the My Book Live device. This update does not alter the current Media Server configuration (Twonky Media Server). After applying this firmware update, you will have the option to switch to the WD Media Server. The benefit of updating to the newer WD Media Server is to gain full Windows 8 certification and to take advantage of the WD app for Windows 8.

In addition, the WD Media Server will provide the following benefit:

Support streaming of MKV files to Samsung〓 HDTVs
Supports Windows 8 File History backups
Note: To try the WD app for Windows 8, go to the Windows 8 app store and search for WD. To enable full functionality of the WD app for Windows 8, you must apply the firmware version 02.41.05-034 update first. Then, go to the WD KBA #5735 link provided below to learn more about, including how to download the patch.

KBA# 5735 Link:

Resolved Issues
Resolved inability of Windows 8 File History to back up to default shares
Resolved issue of auto updates not working when the hour is set as 1AM thru 9AM
Resolved issue of internal server error pop-up appearing after changing the device name
Resolved issue of slow media crawler performance on drives with large number of files
Resolved driver support issue; now compatible with WD Windows 8 Rally drive